Hasan Computing System: History

Hasan Computing System (www.hasancomputing.com)is the pioneer of PC based Software Development and IT services in Pakistan, especially in Karachi. It history goes back to the year 1987 when it developed a [record keeping] system on standalone Apple 2E System, as IBM compatibles were still a rarity in Pakistan. It subsequently provided different database systems to clients like NIPA and University of Karachi.

In 1988/89, after the emergence of IBM compatible PCs based on 8086/88 processor HCS started developing one PC standalone, Accounts, Inventory and Billing systems for different corporations in Karachi. Using one PC standalone systems was not the choice but only choice as the networking for PCs was only about to introduce in Pakistan or for that mater was just introduced on the planet. The Clients at that time were The Times Press, TNT SkyPak, and K&Ns Chicken and Poultry.

After the emergence of PCs Networking in early 90s, HCS started implementing it Accounts, Inventory and Billing systems using Novell Netware in DOS environment. HCS implement first such system in Pakistan Lubricant (Private) Limited (PLL,www.pll.com.pk) and subsequently implement the same in Mehran Oils (Private) Limited (www.mehranoils.com) and other companies.

On the evident of Windows as a replacement to DOS environment, HCS adopt the new Windows environment to re-implement all its application, which mainly were Accounts, Inventory and billing application. In the period Accounts Pro, and Accounts Lite were developed and deployed in interested existing clients.

Pharma Professional Services (PPS) was formed in 2002 through a merger of Hasan computing System.

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